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Course info

  • Course: BIOETICA
  • Year: Third year
  • Semester: First semester
  • Activity type: Core educational activities
  • CFU: 6
  • SSD: M-FIL/02


TitleCodeCFUSSDSubject areaLecture (Hours)Exercise (Hours)Lab (Hours)
Attività formative caratterizzantiB6M-FIL/02Discipline per la regolamentazione, economia e bioetica48N.D.N.D.




The course aims to meet the growing and widespread demand for training on issues of bioethics. Students will address ethical and epistemological implications of a series of questions concerning various areas of biological research. The course will be conducted in accordance with interactive teaching methods designed to strengthen and ensure ongoing understanding and mastery of the topics.


To take the exam students must demonstrate knowledge of the following references

F. Rufo, Scienziati, politici, cittadini. Ediesse, Roma, 2014

G. Testa, H. Nowotny, Geni a nudo. Ripensare l'uomo nel XXI secolo, Codice, Torino, 2012

G. Berlinguer, La salute, tra scienza e politica. Scritti (1984-2011), Donzelli, Roma, 2016.


The course aims to provide some basic elements in the field of bioethics, ethics of science and ethic's research. The course will consider specific problematic and significant issues for future professionals in the field of biological sciences.
The students will be invited to debate the moral dilemmas related to the new acquisitions in scientific research and to the changes that this transformation involves in the relationship between science and society. The comparison will also be through the examination of simulated situations, narrated, real or imaginary, and of examples of actual cases drawn from current affairs.
Course Description:
- contemporary epistemological redefinition
- principles of bioethics
- Elements of biopolitics: the Nuremberg Code
- the body and the market, health policies
- The relationship between science and society