Fashion studies


Degree Programme

  • Programme Code: 29964
  • Test Code: 29964
  • Faculty: Lettere e Filosofia
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Degree Code: LM-65
  • Degree: Masters
  • Admission Procedure: Requirements and personal knowledge assessment
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Study plan

The “Manifesto” study plan: fundamental, core and elective exams, credits and course language
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How, where, when. Deadlines and procedures to enrol in the programme


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Syllabus and study material, lesson and exam schedules
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Quality Assurance (AQ)

Organization and responsibility of the AQ for the Course
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Studying fashion in Rome means experiencing a city that is “open” to Italian fashion and its development, from haute couture to the artisan values of Made in Italy which are famous all around the world.

It means having the opportunity to integrate knowledge of fashion production with the world of entertainment, film and theater, in an unique artistic and cultural context.

Therefore, it involves getting in touch with neocouture and the new languages that blend art, fashion and culture with traditions and innovation.

Contacts, services, facilities

Student offices and services. Libraries, labs and the other study and leisure facilities.
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Organization, contacts and regulations

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Learning Outcomes

Programme description, required and expected knowledge, competences and skills
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Professional Opportunities

Professional Scenarios, degree career opportunities
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“On our skin. Dialogues on beauty”.
The cultural transversality of Made in Italy at the center of a cycle
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The Erasmus Programme and all opportunities for study and traineeship abroad
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Graduation session calendar and procedures to apply for graduation
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