• Harnessing Big Data to Monitor and Tackle Pandemics

The EMBL Rome Science & Society Committee invites you to participate in the virtual outreach event:


Harnessing Big Data to Monitor and Tackle Pandemics (web site here)

on 23rd April 2021, at 12:00 to 13:00 CEST. 

The event is free and available to all, but will require prior registration


Ewan Birney - EMBL Deputy Director - will chair a round-table discussion with three expert panelists:

  • Rolf Apweiler - Director and Senior Scientist, EMBL-EBI - Hinxton, UK

  • Enrico Bucci - Director, System Biology program - Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

  • Ilaria Capua - Director, One Health Center of Excellence - University of Florida, USA


The panelists will each present their vision of how big data can be leveraged to monitor and tackle pandemics, and will then discuss audience questions. Please join us in this interactive session and pose your queries to our expert panellists. We expect to discuss both barriers and solutions to data sharing, as well as the enormous potential of applying big data in the public health sphere; We will also discuss new approaches that harness big data to study the complex systems in which epidemics emerge and spread.


This is part of EMBL's Infectious Disease & Society multidisciplinary seminar series from the Science & Society Programme which aims to create a platform for dialogue and debate, allowing EMBL to examine the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSi) of scientific research. With the support of the Science & Society Committees, who act as EMBL’s internal think tank, we run a range of internal and external events, designed to facilitate analysis of, and outreach on scientific issues with a societal relevance. 


If you are interested in hearing more about the topics discussed at this session, please sign up for the Science & Society Annual Conference on "One Health: integrating Human, Environmental and Animal Health". This is a free virtual Conference available to all, and will take place online on 3rd December 2021.